Virtual Institute

Shelton Virtual Institute

Shelton Virtual Institute is an educational platform that offers high-quality, personalized, distance learning for people of any age and condition. At SVI, we pursue personal growth, exemplar entrepreneurship, and spiritual development as objectives. This way, SVI works as a beacon, projecting knowledge and growth from Shelton and without borders.

SVI experts and professionals present the content of our instruction through courses and events with a unique style. We design all sessions so that participants can learn and share specific topics with an entire community. Studies of the Classics, the Bible, Latin Language intertwine with courses on creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation to boost human spirit excellence.

Without a doubt, the main characteristic of each activity organized by Shelton Virtual Institute is the unique methodology. Active and co-created learning is essential to our style. This methodology allows the community to share experiences and to learn from different places around the world.